Best Flight Delay Ever

Sitting in West Palm Beach International, waiting out a two-hour storm delay, on my way back to New York City.
Wearing my homemade BONZO shirt, which gets the occasional comment from drum nerds like me, or hardcore Zep fans.
Bald dude comes up and says “Nice Bonzo shirt”
Turns out to be Jason Bonham, son of the Mighty John Bonham.
John Henry Bonham, greatest rock drummer ever.
We shot the shit for the next hour:
Led Zeppelin, drum technique, stick weight, living in Florida, superstitions of Jimmy Page, 2007 Zeppelin reunion gig, jamming with Simon Kirke, his dad’s untouched kit in his living room, funny road stories concerning C.C DeVille, cocaine and Depends.
Needless to say, one of the better flight delays of my life.
Long live the family Bonham.
Photograph by Jason Bonham’s driver, whose name I didn’t get.
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