The Stones, Live and Dangerous in ’65

Blazing through Ireland over the course of a weekend in September of 1965, the Rolling Stones kick out the rough and ready rhythm and blues jams, incite stage riots, get drunk while vamping on Elvis and Beatles numbers, all the while aspiring to nothing more than “entertainment” and being worthy of the tag “musicians.”
A classic cinéma vérité snapshot of rock and roll innocence and that endless sixties black and white cool.
A revelation.
“Let’s face it; the future as a Rolling Stone is very uncertain.”
– Brian Jones

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3 Responses to The Stones, Live and Dangerous in ’65

  1. sherrnan says:

    so has the Rock File seen the film or only the trailer?

    • thehornrims says:

      The Rock File was lucky enough to catch the premier at the New York Film Festival on Saturday the 29th, with a Q&A with Andrew Loog Oldham afterwards. Oh yeah, and the film sounded amazing…

  2. Joe Popp says:

    Dang I missed it!

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