Crazy Horse in the Park, 2012

So I was coming home from the Rolling Stones documentary this past Saturday night and I decided to walk through Central Park knowing that Foo Fighters and Neil Young were playing and of course Neil is with Crazy Horse so you can hear the band like twenty blocks away as if it were some musical smoke signal and I’m following the music and I’m getting closer and the whole park is fenced off so you can only get so close and there are people lined up against the fence, Woodstock-style, hoping to gate-crash but ultimately just banging their heads along to the Horse and the stomping beat that’s spreading through the dark and then I see a break in the fence and think maybe that’s a way in so I follow the trail and what do I see but all these young kids leaving the show and I’m overhearing things like “who is that old dude anyway?” and “that guy looks like my grandfather” and I want to say something like “without Neil Young there would be no Black Keys or Foo Fighters” but of course I don’t because I really don’t care and I know Neil just about schools everybody on the bill, including the great Foo Fighters, and I find out later that Dave Grohl has the good sense to say something like “we could play all night but I just want to see Neil Young” and I wonder if that is like totally lost on all the young dudes who came to see the Black Keys and didn’t find Neil and the Horse modern enough or interesting enough or social network-worthy enough for their scene, so when I finally make it home with the strains of this great Canadian-American-Puerto Rican band running through my head I put on Zuma by Neil Young and Crazy Horse and that just about puts the whole emotional conflict to bed…
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One Response to Crazy Horse in the Park, 2012

  1. Joe Popp says:

    TIme will sort out the true masters. I seriously doubt the derivative Black Keys will be on the same list at Neil as years pass. I would say it’s a shame the youngsters don’t appreciate Neil but I’m kind of glad, for every one that leaves is one less hand in the air holding a cellphone I have to look past.

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