Slipping Through a Stellar Black Hole: Miles in the 1970s

Ok so I admit to obsessing about this whole Electric Miles thing and it’s getting way out of hand because it’s been like three days now and I can’t seem to listen to anything else or focus on actual life plans or even attempt the simple things like checking my socks for holes because who knows where those holes actually lead to because they are, of course, rabbit holes but those are not the ones worth chasing because Miles is the only one worth following down any sort of rabbit hole, worm hole, black hole…
You still with me?
So I’m one step away from total abandon and I’m certain that’s what Miles was after with this funky sunship of a repertoire he sailed through during the years 1970 to 1975.
Take just one more step and edge up to the cliff and see where that leads you.
And of course it only leads out, not down, because this exploration in tone and timbre is all gravitational pull and supernova explosions and don’t you be afraid of being sucked in and expanded upon because you only have this one physical space to call your own and wouldn’t it be something to be like truly radiant, just for once?
Whatever Miles was after (and up to) he found it and came back with something unholy, unnamed, unguarded, unfathomed, undefined, unhinged, uncontaminated, uncontrolled, un-fucking-real…
So take a trip through an ever-expanding star system and float among the gods…but only if you can find the records…
Bitches Brew (1969-1970)
The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (1969-1970)
A Tribute to Jack Johnson (1970)
The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (1970)
Live-Evil (1970)
The Cellar Door Sessions (1970)
Live at the Fillmore East, March 7, 1970: It’s About That Time (1970)
Black Beauty: Miles Davis at Fillmore West (1970)
Miles Davis at Fillmore: Live at the Fillmore East (1970)
On the Corner (1972)
The Complete On the Corner Sessions (1972)
In Concert: Live at Philharmonic Hall (1972)
Big Fun (1969-1972)
Get Up with It (1970-1974)
Dark Magus (1974)
Agharta (1975)
Pangaea (1975)
Miles1973bandRunning down the voodoo, live in ’73.
Live-Evil album cover by Mati Klarwein.
Dates in parenthesis reflect recording dates, not album release dates.
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