Triple Kickassery, 2012

High on Fire
November 30, 2012
Bowery Ballroom
New York City
There’s not much left to be said about how fucking awesome High on Fire is. The Rock File has seen them four times since 2004 and written about their 2010 show at Webster Hall here in New York City.
But thinking back on their last show, the Rock File is saying this:
High on Fire is the best live band in America.
So there.
But what makes this band so great live? Is the power of High on Fire explainable? Is contemplating the EPIC AND AWESOME TRIPLE KICKASSERY that is HIGH ON FUCKING FIRE just plain futile?
Maybe, but this is what we live for, isn’t it?
So here’s the thing…
A Total Commitment to Sincerity.
That’s right kids, sincerity. It’s the word of the day, the week, the month, maybe even the year. Fuck, it’s the word for all time. The Rock File has been rambling on about it a lot recently, like some seasoned musician ranting about how Meat Loaf sucks and shouldn’t even be considered a musician, and it may be time to move on, but it’s a rare bird in our current Age of Irony (which never seems to be actually on its way out), so we need to give it the space it needs. Fuck, it’s only pixels on a screen, isn’t it?
Something they don’t teach anymore, something you don’t see on television or the internets or the subway platforms or that social fucking media site you are glued to and can’t take your eyes off of for one goddamn New York minute. Sure, the proverbial they can market the hell out of sincerity and try selling it back to you in the form of blue jeans or tech gadgets or whathaveyou, but hell, most people don’t even know they miss it. But you only have to look around to understand things are not really real and the little kids running in the playgrounds aren’t playing spaceships and robots anymore, now are they?
So, here are some random thoughts/impressions on High on Fire and their approach to this utterly modern version of the human condition, one lacking sincerity, and the neverending age of irony, ad infinitum…
High on Fire is no bullshit with total intent and zero metal posturing; the essential chord of life; the
absolute microcosm of the creative universe; precision personified; beautifully brutal;
“HEAVY FUCKING METAL” written out in stark white Helvetica (all caps); pure Sasquatchian; and all
How’s that for sincerity?
I’m thinking about quitting my job and following this trio around the globe, just to see where that leads me.
Who’s in?
Artwork by Casey Howard
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One Response to Triple Kickassery, 2012

  1. Mark Fason says:

    after that show in 2004 it took me about 3 days to recover.
    awesome shit. keep up the good work.

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