Heavy Metal As Positive Child Development

So I drive my son to school in the morning, and he’s been riding shotgun, so he gets to play disc jockey. Our jalopy is an old beater that’s outfitted with a late model 5-disc player. The commute takes about 20 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to really sink into an album, or get through a side one of an old favorite.
Lately the kid’s been picking some pretty heavy stuff—YOB, High On Fire, Goatess—which is perfect for that I’m on my way to school and I need to get my shit in gear sort of vibe. At 7:30 Central European Time, we like our wake-up call fast, hard and loud.
So this morning we’re well into The Great Cessation by YOB, and out of nowhere, he starts to free associate…
“Daddy, this song sounds like a really loud forest.”
“Or maybe like an exploding volcano, or wait…a knight battle!”
Sure does, brother.
So I pick up the thread and say something like “or maybe sheets of rain, during a heavy storm?”
He’s in complete agreement. Our imaginations are running wild.
This goes on through several songs on the album, until we roll up to the school parking lot.
With the windows down and YOB crashing out of the cockpit at epic volume, I somehow feel half my age, and I’m secretly cherishing the looks of bemusement from those other parents going about their morning routines.
Damn, what a fun ride to school…
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2 Responses to Heavy Metal As Positive Child Development

  1. Joe Popp says:

    Raising that boy right. Knight battle? Yes!

  2. Justin Ferren says:

    Quinlan has learned the intro and chorus to Smoke on the Water on the keyboard. He is obsessed. He comes home every day and goes straight to the keyboard. We rocked it with my dad when he was here. 3 generation “heavy metal” jam!

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