Lollapalooza, 1993


From the Rock File archives comes the event flyer for the Portland, OR edition of Lollapalooza ’93, which took place at Portland Meadows on June 20, 1993.
I remember a fierce Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, cutting a menacing silhouette against the falling evening light; a raucous Primus set that included a hyperactive pogo-mosh during “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver,” while members of Fishbone jumped onstage and climbed the rafters; a Rage Against the Machine set that no band wanted to follow; an unruly and intimidating Babes in Toyland…
Share your experiences of Lollapalooza ‘93 in the comments section.
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One Response to Lollapalooza, 1993

  1. thekosherham says:

    I remember Claypool singing and bassing and kicking his leg up and down like some freak-show marionette. I remember Fishbone’s flying trombones. And I remember there may,/i> have been some marijuana.

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