This Is The Land Where The Pharaoh Died, 1971

This Polaroid is believed to be one of the last known images of Jim Morrison, gazing out his Paris apartment window, in 1971. The image is out of focus, ghostly–much like Jim’s final months in Paris.
The photo was tucked away in one of the spiral notebooks Jim carried around Paris. Other photos from this time show him clean-shaven, and he had no beard at the time of his death, on July 3, 1971. So the photo may actually date from around the time of his arrival in Paris, in March of ‘71, which would disqualify it as a definitive final image of Jim Morrison alive.
No matter.
It’s one of the more enigmatic photos of a man who was widely photographed, and whose oversized myth is built upon recognizable, iconic images. This intimate, off guard, lesser-known image holds other mysteries, and alludes to the strange circumstances surrounding Jim’s death.
Read what you like into the Polaroid, it’s all there…possibly.
There’s an alternate version of “The Changeling” on the 40th anniversary edition of L.A. Woman that was recorded less than six months before Jim died. It’s a passionate run through and has a claustrophobic, haunting feel. Jim introduces the take like this:
I hate to spook anybody, but this is my favorite number.”
And that’s just what Jim does…spook people.
Just look at the Polaroid.


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