Visions of Jaco

I’m at Musician’s Exchange in downtown Ft. Lauderdale to see Roy Buchanan with a bunch of friends. We down canned beers in the parking lot and listen to our own bootleg tapes of Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Sunrise Musical Theatre. It’s one of those wide-open, breezy Lauderdale nights that don’t get any better, and you somehow know you’ll remember this night for all-time. And then we hear somebody say something about some crazy shit that went down the other night, something about Jaco Pastorius, and how Jaco was jamming with some local cats right here at Musician’s Exchange, and man was that shit pretty fuckin’ rad. And we’re like holy shit how did we miss Jaco down here at Musician’s Exchange cause we come here all the time. So we make our way over to this other parking lot party and talk about the night they just happen to come upon Jaco Pastorius, one of the greatest bass players of all-time, jamming with a bunch of local South Florida musicians, and how utterly awesome and surreal it was. It can be that way sometimes. Can somebody pass me a can of beer?
The Rock File would like to credit the above photo, so if anybody has any information…
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Lollapalooza, 1993


From the Rock File archives comes the event flyer for the Portland, OR edition of Lollapalooza ’93, which took place at Portland Meadows on June 20, 1993.
I remember a fierce Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, cutting a menacing silhouette against the falling evening light; a raucous Primus set that included a hyperactive pogo-mosh during “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver,” while members of Fishbone jumped onstage and climbed the rafters; a Rage Against the Machine set that no band wanted to follow; an unruly and intimidating Babes in Toyland…
Share your experiences of Lollapalooza ‘93 in the comments section.
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Man. Bike. Guitar.

Rock File contributor and New York City punk rocker Joe Popp is embarking on an epic new project called Popp Over America.
It’s an episodic TV show/web series that will follow Popp on a four-month non-stop tour through the 48 contiguous United States as a singer-songwriter on a motorcycle. Joe will be plugged in with cameras and microphones to absorb local culture on the adventurous roads of America.
Check it out…
Man. Bike. Guitar.
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Good Night Joe Cocker

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Cinemetal T-Shirts

The Rock File has featured this killer convergence of sound and vision before, but now they’ve got a new home on the interwebs, so we thought it’d be a good time to revisit this collaboration between New York artist Bob Bianchini and Los Angeles film guru Phil Anderson—the original Cinemetal T-shirt collection.
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Good Night Ian McLagan

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Good Night Bobby Keys

Made the Stones even better…
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